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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Apples in the sun

There has been a delay in posting and also a break  in painting. the last post was sent whilst we were still in Belgium and about to travel back to UK.  Then I did something a bit silly, and unplanned. Dreaming of escaping from a gorilla I threw myself out from  a rocky ledge backwards onto a sandy bank. But I was dreaming and it my bed, not a  rocky ledge and a hard floor not a soft bank.  Nothing broken though, but a bit of bruising and stiffness, yes. No painting for a little while. But here are three little paintings from around that time.  They are more like thoughts for a future painting

#7 apple. plate. sunshine abstract
pencil and watercolour  on paper15 cm x 15 cm

#8 sunny plate and apple
mixed media  sketch on paper 15 cm x 15 cm

#9 green turns to yellow
collage, acrylic on paper on canvas board

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